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Motorhome Servicing

American RV motorhomes are complex machines and like any other complex machine, they need regular maintenance. When I say regular maintenance I don’t just refer to an oil and filter change, I am referring to a proper inspection from a group of qualified engineers. The problem with American RV motorhomes is they are not very […]

American Motorhome Brake Problems

American RV motorhomes are no more special than any other vehicle on the road regarding their braking components, they have a brake master cylinder, brake discs, or to use the American terminology brake rotors and brake pads. They do have a different method of adding extra force to the brake fluid than some of the […]

The Ford F53 Death Wobble

The Ford F53 death wobble is associated with the Ford motorhome chassis that is commonly used on American RV Motorhomes. Using the term “wobble” is trying to describe a violent oscillation of the vehicle, see video below. E450 Death wobble I know the link is showing the wobble on the E450, the F53 acts in […]

Winnebago with Brake Bind & Overheating (Workhorse W42 chassis)

American motorhomes built on Chevrolet/Workhorse chassis have always had problems with excessive brake bind, although this problem seems to manifest itself when the vehicle gets to about 6 years old. The cause of this problem is by the use of phenolic brake calliper pistons. Phenolic is a resin which has replaced the use of the […]

Underseal your Winnebago

If you already own a Winnebago motorhome or are thinking about your dream purchase, there is one thing that might not have crossed your mind, and that is an underseal. Many owners spend a lot of money on extras such as solar panels, T.V. Satellite Systems, and lots of their time cleaning and then polishing […]