Underseal your Winnebago

If you already own a Winnebago motorhome or are thinking about your dream purchase, there is one thing that might not have crossed your mind, and that is an underseal.

Many owners spend a lot of money on extras such as solar panels, T.V. Satellite Systems, and lots of their time cleaning and then polishing the outside, but forget something very important. What about the underside?

American RV Motorhomes have very little protection on the chassis from new. The main chassis made by Ford, Workhorse or Freightliner, do have some black paint on them, although not a lot. The problem is the parts that Winnebago add to the chassis.

These parts are made of thinner metal than the chassis and are very prone to corrosion in a short space of time. The best thing that can be done is to get the vehicle undersealed as soon as possible.

Underseal is a product which is sprayed on and will protect these parts from corrosion, even during the winter when salt is used on the roads.

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