When we carry out a service on your American motorhome they are not only carrying out the simple tasks of changing the engine oil, they are using the vast years of experience to look for possible problems that can cause a breakdown or an interruption to a planned relaxing break in your motorhome. We remove the road wheels on a service to gain access to the brake pads, which is very important. Your American motorhome might not have covered many miles, but as experience has proven time and time again, that the brake pads absorb water and the adhesive that bonds the brake lining material to the metal backing fails, causing the brake material to fall out of the brake calliper and the vehicle brakes on metal to metal, which is a potentially dangerous situation.

Whilst servicing your American motorhome, we inspect your motorhome to a far higher standard than is required for an MOT, so just because your vehicle has passed an MOT, does not mean it is safe. The MOT test is the same as the test that the family car goes through, and let’s faces it most MOT testers have never seen an American motorhome RV, so how do they know what to check. We not only check the levels and change the engine oil, but they also carry out tasks that you might not even have considered. We also check the water content of the brake fluid where applicable, because brake fluid naturally absorbs water which lowers the brake fluids boiling point, which in turn causes brake fade.

Part of the American motorhome service includes servicing the generator, cleaning the fridge burner and water boiler burners, lubricating the slide-out mechanism, and one very important check we carry out is to check your roof seals as water leaks can become very expensive. LAS Motorhomes will contact you and are also willing to show and explain the problem before you give them the authorisation to carry out the work.

We’ll contact you and are also willing to show and explain the problem before you give them the authorisation to carry out the work

We also check the cab air-conditioning gas pressure and will inform you if the gas needs topping up, so if it is very hot one day and you turn on the cab air-conditioning and it blows warm, at least you will know the problem if you don’t want us to top us the gas.

If your Winnebago is a pusher (engine at the rear) it more than likely has drum air brakes. In this case, we remove the brake drums and clean the brake rollers “z” or “s” cams which are important as the brakes do not have back-plates allowing water to gain easy access to the brakes.


As American motorhome owners, we realise the importance of having an entire RV motorhome in full working condition.

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