When you have purchased your American motorhome, you now need peace of mind that you can rely on a repair centre to look after your American motorhome. We’re here to help whatever your problem we can sort it out for you. We carry out all the repairs in-house, so as to control the very high standard they demand.


We carry out body repairs, carpentry work, and electrical work, in fact, you name it we can do it. Our team has many years of experience in repairing American motorhomes and they work closely with some of the UK main agents carrying out some of the more complex tasks for them.

Whatever the repair problem we can help.

LAS Motorhomes prides itself on carrying out all repairs, not like a lot of workshops who only do the easy tasks.

We pride ourself on carrying out all repairs, not like a lot of workshops who only do the easy tasks. As you can see from this picture, the rear axle oil was contaminated which led us to replace the wheel bearing and crown wheel and pinion.


It might be acceptable to advertise that they can carry out a service on your American RV motorhome but the worrying fact is what happens if a serious defect is noticed?  What happens is the defects are ignored or not even noticed.

The consequence of this behaviour is that often these small defects are left until they become a much larger problem.  To give you an idea of some of the defects that have been ignored by various ‘so called’ RV repair centres in this county, I have compiled a selection of images to show you the problems that occur and could have been avoided in many cases.




We carried out our LAS annual service on one of our new customers which had been previously serviced by an RV dealer in this country for some considerable years.

As soon as I entered the vehicle I noticed a faint smell of damp, at this time I just noted it on one of our LAS service sheets.  It was not until the roof was inspected on the service that we detected the roof was soft in a lot of places.  On further inspection it was apparent that the roof had been letting in water.   The membrane was then removed and the wood was exposed, you can now see from the pictures what it was like.


All the wood had to be removed and quite a lot of the insulation had to be replaced before the new wood could be fitted.


Once all the wood had been replaced, the next step is to sand the wood down and fit the roof covering.


When the roof covering is fitted all the items on it have to be removed from the roof, such as the TV aerial and the skylights, when this is done they have to be refitted and the roof resealed. You can imagine the amount of work that has gone into this roof repair.

When the vehicle was serviced I would suspect nobody had thought to inspect the roof.  If they had then the area that required sealing would have been re-sealed and not left for some years to get into the state that you can see in the images.





The unit above WAS a gear vendor overdrive unit.  These units can be found behind the TH400 automatic gearbox.  The gear vendor units were used to give the three speed gearbox the extra gear before the 4L80E four speed gearbox was produced. This gear vendor unit contains oil and this should be changed every 2,000 miles.  In this case you can see the unit has ran out of oil, again due to someone’s lack of knowledge.  This resulted in the owner having to purchase a new unit.

As you can now appreciate a service is one thing, however if you do find a problem you need to be able to solve it.

At LAS we have the skills and experience to carry out the major repairs as well as the minor repairs and as you can now appreciate that some of the small defects if not dealt with immediately can turn into a horror story.  Whatever problem you have with your American RV motorhome we will be able to help you.

I  thought that I had finished writing this article until I walked out of the office and saw an RV motorhome that had been serviced by someone else, which was now having an underseal by one of our technicians.


Vehicle having underseal applied.


As I glanced to the left I could see the locker containing the generator was open to enable us to underseal the locker surround.  To my horror I noticed the generator oil filter was badly corroded, in my opinion this would not have lasted until the next annual service.




If the customer had complained about this, their reply would probably have been “You didn’t ask us to service the generator”.  If that is the case then LAS were only asked to underseal the vehicle and we should therefore ignore finding the corroded oil filter.  LAS pride themselves in their work and yes you have guessed it, we changed the oil filter for the customer.  In our minds it is a serious misjudgement to ignore this.


The generator oil filter has been changed.


As an American RV motorhome owner I appreciate the importance of inspecting all of the vehicle and carrying out the necessary repairs, these small jobs come under the banner of ‘PROTECTIVE MAINTENANCE’.


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